"My country is the World. My Religion is to do Good."



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Afsai, Shai

Aldridge, Alfred Owen

Andersen, L.S.


Barlow, Joel

  • Thomas Paine
    (The Belfast Monthly Magazine, Vol.7, No.37; 31 August 1811, pp. 90-93)

Barry, Alyce

Bisheff, Maurice

Boller, Paul F.

Brockman, Chris

Chiu, Frances

Chumbley, Joyce

Claeys, Gregory

Clark, Harry Hayden


Dodson, Edward J.

Earle, Edward Mead

  • Review of the book:
    Thomas Paine, Liberator, by Frank Smith
    (The Public Opinion Quarterly, Vol.3, No.3, July 1939, pp.525-526)

Fast, Howard

Ferguson, Robert A.

Foner, Philip

Franklin, Benjamin

  • A Letter (undated) from Benjamin Franklin to Thomas Paine:
    Concerning Paine's Writing on Religion, included in the 1840 collection of Franklin's works by Jared Sparks. Comments on the letter's date and purpose are provided by Thomas Paine Friends member Victor Madeson
    (Bulletin of Thomas Paine Friends, Spring, 2018

Gould, Philip

Granger, Bruce

  • Review of the book:
    Paine, by David Freeman Hawke
    (American Literature, Vol.47, No.1, March, 1975, pp.117-118)
  • Hanania, Joe

    • Which do you prefer? Government? Democracy or Empire? The choice is yours!,
      (A booklet in which the author offers personal reflections on the world events occurring during his lifetime and his project to write a book on democracy, the beginnings of the United States and the key role played by Thomas Paine during this period. The author includes several appendices not provided her. Interested readers can contact Mr. Hanania directly via email: joedenouic@gmail.com. He is a longtime resident of Nouic, France.)

    Hedges, Chris

    Hook, Sidney

    • Thomas Paine, an introductory chapter to a collection of writings by Thomas Paine

    Hubbard, Elbert

    • Thomas Paine,
      reprinted from Little Journeys to the Homes of Great Reformers

    Ingersoll, Robert G.

    • Thomas Paine
      (The North American Review, Vol.155, No.429; August 1892, pp.181-195)
    • Thomas Paine
      (The North American Review, Vol.155, No.429; August 1892, pp.181-195 (formatted as one PDF document)
    • Thomas Paine
      (Excerpts selected by Irwin Speigelman. The Bulletin of Thomas Paine Friends, Spring 2015)

    jefferson, Thomas

    Jorgenson, C.E.

    • Review of the book:
      The Life of Thomas Paine, by Alfred Owen Aldridge
      (American Literature, Vol.32, No.2, May, 1960, pp.210-212)

    Kates, Gary

    Kaye, Harvey

    Kiley, Michael M.

    King, J.E.

    Lamb, Robert

    Leffmann, Henry

    Lewis, Joseph

    Lynch, James

    Madeson, Victor

    Makens, John F. (and Cheryl Cerell)

    Mayers, Sydney

    McLean, Scott L.

    • Review of the book:
      Thomas Paine, Apostle of Freedom, by Jack Fruchtman
      (Journal of the Early Republic, Vol.15, No.3, Special Issue on Gender in the Early Republic; Autumn 1995, pp.515-516)

    Meng, John J.

    Merriam, C.E. (Jr.)

    Moody, Joel

    Moss, Sidney

    Nelms, Timothy

    Penniman, Howard

    Peterson, Hans

    Powell, J.H.

    • Review of the book:
      Thomas Paine, by Harry Hayden Clark
      (The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Vol.69, No.4, October 1945, p.342)

    Remsburg, John

    Richards, David A. (Dr.)

    Roberts, James
    • Thomas Paine
      (The Quarterly Journal of the New York State Historical Association, Vol.1, No.3, April 1920)

    Robyn, Richard

    Roper, Ralph C.

    Rukshina, Klara

    Ruskin, Ian

    Schlesinger, Arthur (Jr.)

    • Review of the book:
      Six New Letters of Thomas Paine, with an Introduction by Harry H. Clark
      (Reprinted from The New England Quarterly, Vol. 13, No. 2 (June, 1940), pp. 377-378. The book published by the University of Wisconsin Press, 1939)

    Shrawder, John

    Smith, Barbara Clark

    Smith, Charles L.

    Smith, Jay

    Smylie, James

    Solinger, Jason

    Spiegelman, Irwin

    Spiegelman, Martha

    Tepfer, James

    Touba, Mariam

    Turner, Vernon

    Twomey, Richard

    • Review of the book:
      Thomas Paine
      (The Journal of American History, Vol.76, No.4, March 1990, p.1254)

    Wecter, Dixon

    Whitman, Walt

    • In Memory of Thomas Paine
      (Spoken at Lincoln Hall, Philadelphia, Sunday, Jan. 28, 1877, for 140th anniversary of Thomas Paine's birthday)

    Williams, Walton

    Woodson, Carter G.

    Wootton, David

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