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Campaign for a State Thomas Paine Day


The following letter dated June 1, 2009 from Oregon State Senator Brian J. Boquist was sent to Thomas Paine Friends stalwart Bob Walsh:

Dear Mr. Walsh,

Well, you have done it! There is now a Thomas Paine Day in Oregon! The bill has been signed into law by the Speaker of the House, the President of the Senate, and on May 29, 2009, by the Governor of Oregon, Ted Kulongoski!

I know you have worked very hard to get Thomas Paine Day in every state, so it has been a privilege for Senator Brian Boquist to get this bill passed in Oregon. Congratulations on another state on your list!

Best regards,
Pat Veer, Legislative Assistant
Senator Brian J. Boquist

History of Thomas Paine Day

...The idea of a state THOMAS PAINE DAY originated in 1997 with Sherwood Smith of Fredericksburg, Virginia, who asked his state legislators to proclaim January 29th, Paine's birthday, as an annual Thomas Paine Day, which they did. Smith on meeting Robert Walsh, of Vero Beach, Florida, through the internet, suggested he try in Florida, and in 1998 Florida also approved an annual Thomas Paine Day resolution.
...Three years later, all 50 states had been contacted. Twenty two states approved proclamations, from the governor, and eight passed resolutions by the legislature. As of 2010, eleven states -- Delaware,  Florida,  Maine, Massachusetts,  Missouri,  Nebraska,  New Hampshire,  Oregon, Rhode Island,  Vermont and Virginia, approved resolutions. Two, Connecticut and New Jersey, were awaiting approval in 2007 but failed for different reasons. For various reasons, seven states declined. They are:  Colorado, Hawaii,  Kansas,  Michigan,  Montana,  Oklahoma,  and Pennsylvania.

To Obtain a Resolution

...A resolution originates when a resident makes a request to his/her state legislator. The problem is, we do not have a member or know someone in EVERY state, to do it. However YOU, the resident reading this, can be that person and can ask if you will. Contact your representative to iniate our request, then let TPF know so we can provide documentation.


... The best chance to reach legislators is usually between mid-October to mid-January, depending on your state.
...Now, 232 years after the independence and founding of our country, one of  the two men most directly responsible needs five minutes from you, the reader!
...Until you call your legislators, TPF can do nothing. After you do, advise TPF and we will contact them.
...IT'S YOUR MOVE NOW! Please do it! Thank you for your trouble.

Sample Resolution

WHEREAS, Thomas Paine, a leader of the American Revolution, one of the founding fathers, peer of Washington, Madison, Franklin and Jefferson, was also one of the most brilliant political philosophers of his time; and

WHEREAS, Thomas Paine crystallized the decision of the colonies for independence with his work, Common Sense; and

WHEREAS, Thomas Paine supported the Revolution through personal service, his fortune and his inspirational The American Crisis papers; and

WHEREAS, Thomas Paine was the first to promote universal and equal education for boys and girls, equality for women, religious freedom and to suggest an alliance of nations to be neutral in wars between any two nations;  and

WHEREAS, his life and his work continue to inspire those who seek liberty and democracy all over the world;


RESOLVED, by the _______ Legislature, that January 29th  200_ be designated as the First Annual "Thomas Paine Day" in  [state],  in honor of his indelible contributions to our liberty;  and, be it

RESOLVED FURTHER, that the Legislature urge the citizens of  [state]  to take note of this day named in honor of Thomas Paine and his accomplishments.

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