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Thomas Paine Friends, Inc. is a membership organization. Directors and Officers serve one-year terms, and elections are held annually each Fall.

Organizations Dedicated to Promoting the Ideals and Legacy of Thomas Paine

Friends of Thomas Paine
  • Friends of Thomas Paine is a website dedicated to Thomas Paine established and maintained by Philip A. Aromando. The website provides links to a number of Paine statues and to writings by and about Paine.

School of Cooperative Individualism
  • The School of Cooperative Individualism describes Paine as "the architect of cooperative individualism," a set of moral principles upon which the laws of society must be based in order to achieve liberty and equality of opportunity. The above link takes the visitor to a section of the website with extensive links to writings by and about Paine.

Thomas Paine National Historical Association
  • The Thomas Paine National Historical Association, located in New Rochelle, New York, was founded January 29, 1884 in New York City. It is among the oldest historical associations in the United States. with a stated mission of educating the world about the life, times and works of Thomas Paine.
Thomas Paine Society
  • Located in Pasadena, California
Thomas Paine Institute
  • Headquarters in Idaho, devoted to reviving the Thomas Paine dinners of the mid-1850s
Thomas Paine Society of the United Kingdom
  • London, England
Thomas Paine's Views on Religion
  • A website maintained by Maurice Bisheff, including writings by Mr. Bishell, as well as Jim Tepfer and Eric Foner
Thomas Paine group in Lewes, England
  • It holds an annual tribute to Paine
Valor Publications
  • The section on Thomas Paine appears on the home page of this publisher
World Union of Deists

A Brief List of Biographies
and Other Material on Paine

A Biography of Thomas Paine
...Included in the "From Revolution to Reconstruction" project of the University of Groningen, Netherlands

A Remembrance of Association with Thomas Paine
...Grant Thorburn, excerpted from The Life and Writings of Grant Thorburn, published in 1851

The Age of Paine
...John Katz (1995)

The Age of Unreason, being a reply to Thomas Paine, Robert Ingersoll, Felix Adler [and others]. Henry A. Brann (1881). Made available online by Google Books

American Crisis, No. 1
...Thomas Paine (1776)

Citizen Tom Paine
...Howard Fast (1943)

"When he wrote Common Sense, he told a people already stirred to war, already fiercely indignant, with arms in their hands, why they had roused themselves in their wrath, why they should go on fighting, and what they were fighting for. ... With The Rights of Man, it was different; he flung that at the heads of a people totally unprepared, a people who in many cases imagined themselves in possession of a mythical freedom that was in no way actual, but existed in song and story and legend as the possession of every Englishman."

The Death of Thomas Paine
...Grant Thorburn, excerpted from The Life and Writings of Grant Thorburn, published in 1851

Elementary Common Sense of Thomas Paine
...Mark Wilensky

Mr. Wilensky is a fifth-grade teacher in Jefferson County, Colorado, and the author of, "The Elementary Common Sense of Thomas Paine: An Interactive Adaptation for all Ages," published by Savas Beatie, Inc. He holds a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction and is certified in Elementary Education.

The Great Infidels
...Robert Ingersoll. Excerpted from The Works of Robert Ingersoll, Vol. III (1892, 1933)

Junius Unmasked: Thomas Paine, the Author of The Letters of Junius and the Declaration of Independence
...Joel Moody
...The Preface, Introduction and the first Letter of Junius, from the book published by John Gray & Co., 1872

The Life and Writings of Thomas Paine
...Vincent Park and Company, New York 1908), containing a biography by Thomas Clio Rickman

The Life of Thomas Paine
...Moncure Conway (1893). Made available online by Google Books

The Lost Founder: Thomas Paine
...Harvey J. Kaye, The American Prospect magazine, July 2005

...David Freeman Hawke (1974)

"Paine had known virtually every important political
figure in England, France, and the United States during his lifetime. Not one of them publicly praised him after his death."

Rights of Man -- Dedication to George Washington
...Thomas Paine (1791-92)

Rights of Man
...Thomas Paine (1791-92).

Introduction to Thomas Paine's Rights of Man
...Philip S. Foner (1948)

Interviewed on NPR's Talk of the Nation regarding his book, Thomas Paine's Rights of Man
...(Christopher Hitchens, 23 October 2007)

Selected Writings of Thomas Paine, a book edited by Ira Shapiro and Jane E. Calvert, published by Yale University Press in 2015. Irwin Spiegelman commented in the Summer 2015 issue of The Bulletin of Thomas Paine Friends that the volume "deserves a PADL red warning flag suggesting that TPF members look into whether Paine is being defamed. Could it be that the authors selected this book form for their essays so that they would avoid peer reviews, if submitted to scholarly journals?"

The Selected Work of Tom Paine
...Howard Fast, editor (1945). The Introduction
...is provided.

Thomas Paine
...U.S. History website, hosted by the Independence Hall Assocation in Philadelphia

Thomas Paine
...Sidney Hook
... The "Introduction" to the volume titled
... The Essential Thomas Paine, published by
...The New American Library, Inc., 1969

Review by Ann Talbot of the screen play: These Are the Times: A Life of Thomas Paine, by Trevor Griffiths
...(World Socialist Web Site, 21 February 2008)

Thomas Paine
...Harry Hayden Clark (1944). The Preface
...to this volume is provided.

Thomas Paine: Apostle of Freedom
...Jack Fruchtman (1996)

Thomas Paine: Crusader for Liberty
...Albert Marrin

Thomas Paine and the Promise of America
...Harvey J. Kaye (2006)

Thomas Paine: Enlightenment, Revolution, and theBirth of the Modern Nations
...Craig Nelson (2006)

Thomas Paine, Author of the Declaration of Independence
...Joseph Lewis (Freethought Press Association, 1947)

Thomas Paine, Crusader for Liberty
...Albert Marrin (Knopf Books for young readers, 2014)

Thomas Paine -- His Life, Work and Times
...Audrey Williamson (1973)

Thomas Paine, Liberty's Hated Torchbearer
...George F. Smith
...(Ludwig von Mises Institute, 8 June 2010)

Thomas Paine: Social and Political Thought
...Gregory Claeys (1989)

Tom Paine, Revolutionary
...Olivia Coolidge (1969)

Tom Paine, A Political Life
...John Keane (2003). Made available online by
... Google Books

Tom Paine
...Hans Peterson (1994). A portrayal of Paine produced by the public broadcasting station in Utah.

Tom Paine's Birthday
...Peter Linebaugh.
...Counterpunch, 29 January, 2009 .

The Trouble with Tom -- The Strange Afterlife and Times of Thomas Paine
...Paul Collins (2005)

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