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Portraits and other Images of Thomas Paine

This marble bust is found at the American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia. Unfortunately, the bust is kep in an office and is not readily accessible to the public. We have not been able to learn the name of the sculptor. The bust was already in existence in 1925, a photograph of the bust is included in Van der Weyde's 10-volume Thomas Paine, Life and Works, published in that year. Interestingly, Van der Weyde places the bust in Independence Hall at that time.

The "Paine U.S. Postage Stamp" was issued in 1968 as a 40 cent commemorative stamp, largely through the dedicated efforts of Joseph Lewis of New Jersey, who repeatedly contributed funds and labor to pay homage to Paine. The image is from the portrait by John Wesley Jarvis, which is in the National Portrait Gallery, Washington DC.

No information is currently known about the design and release of this postcard featuring the image of Thomas Paine.

Wax figure of Paine at the Thomas Paine Museum, New Rochelle, New York

Engraving of Paine by John Kay (1790 est.)

Portrait by Romney (1793)

Engraving by W. Sharp (1792)

This bas relief on glass is in the Visitor Center of Washington Crossing State Park, Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania. It was sculpted by Joseph Dougherty and dedicated in 1997.

By Laurent Dabos (1792-93)

Portrait of Paine by John Wesley Jarvis, painted in 1806-7. The painting is on display at the National Portrait Gallery, Washington, D.C.

Peter Kramer, 1851 (Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Collection)

Winkler, 1865

This portrait of Paine appears in the front of volume VI or VII of Van der Weyde's 10-volume Life and Works of Thomas Paine. The legend reads: "Painted in 1778 for Henry Laurens, President of the Continental Congress." There is no information on the painter or where the painting still exists.

Engraving by an unknown artist; appeared in Baxter's History of England, 1796

An early 20th century reproduction of a sculpture made in France between 1780 and 1800

Auguste Milliere (1876)

Engraving made in Paris of the portrait by Laurent Dabos

British cartoon, "The End of Pain" (1793)

Engraving by James Shury (1836 est.)

Print by Arthur Easton

This marble bust, fashioned by John Wesley Jarvis during the six months that Paine resided with the artist during 1806-1807 at 85 Church Street, New York City, is found in the New York Historical Society.

Portrait by Matthew Pratt, 1785-95. Part of the Kirby Collection of Historical Paintings, Lafayette College Art Collection, Easton, Pa.

Bass Otis (1859)

Stuart Ramson

Thomas Paine was voted into the Hall of Fame by the Trustees of New York University in 1945, and this bronze bust was commissioned to be placed in the Colonnade of the Immortals, Hall of Fame, University Heights, Bronx NY. A dedication ceremony was held in 1952. Sculpted by Malvina Hoffman, the bronze tablet below the bust bears the opening lines of The American Crisis IV: "Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it." (Sept. 12, 1777). Today, the property is part of New York City's community college system.

Philadelphia Weekly - 23 January 2009, accompanying a commentary by Steven Wells, who wrote:

"It's Paine we should be celebrating when we name our schools, bridges and roads. Benjamin Franklin might have invented the lightning rod and the frigging glass armonica, but Tom Paine invented democracy."

"It's no contest. Without Tom Paine there would've been no American revolution-and no America. Yet there are only five statues of Paine in the entire world-and not one of them is in Philadelphia. And that is nothing short of a disgrace."

The historical record indicates that a portrait of Paine by done by Francois Bonneville while Paine was a member of the French National Convention (between 1792 and 1794). We have not been able to find any information on the portrait and whether it still exists.

A bronze bust of Paine was unveiled on January 27, 1924 (probably as a Paine birthday commemoration) in All Soul's Unitarian Church, Indianapolis, Indiana. No further information on the bust is available at this time.

A bronze bust of Paine was dedicated in 1989 at the University for Peace (an Institute of the United Nations) in Costa Rica. The bust was sculpted by ________ Mazzone.

Silhouette of Paine. No details yet available on its production.

Paine's death mask at the Ancient House Museum, Thetford, England American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia

This image is described as a death mask but is of unknown origin. The image was found on the internet with no description.

This image of Paine with Joseph Priestley together is undated.

This miniature of Thomas Paine was a present for Thomas Jefferson from John Trumbull who painted it in 1788 while Paine and Trumbull were both in London. When Jefferson received the miniature, he wrote Trumbull, "I am to thank you a thousand times for the portrait of Mr. Paine, which is a perfect likeness..." The miniature is now held at Monticello.

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